The Cattery’s Intake Procedures

Are you a Corpus Christi family that needs to find a new home for your cat? The Cattery may be able to help you. It is important to be aware that The Cattery receives many requests every day to place cats with us. Because we are a no-kill facility, we are not able to take every single cat. We limit our intake based on the current capacity of the adoption rooms at our shelter.

We accept adoptable cats for placement in new homes, when there is space available. In all cases we encourage you to provide medical records (as complete as possible). The Cattery spends, on average, about $400 per shelter cat, per year. It is also important to know that we will ask for a surrender fee to help care for the cat you would like to place with us.

The Cattery will accept cats of all ages, as well as special needs cats. The Cattery is not equipped to take in FeLV+, FIV+ or feral cats. Because the rooms at our shelter are typically at capacity, it is important that you contact The Cattery early at our shelter # 361-854-6369 and leave a message in mailbox 3. This does not guarantee a spot in the shelter.  If we do not have the space for your cat consider contacting other Corpus Christi agencies that accept cats.

If we agree to take your cat, our Cat Care Manager will schedule an appointment with you. It is critical that you arrive at the required time, or call us if you are going to be late. The surrender process takes about 10-15 minutes. Under no circumstances will we accept a cat without an appointment.

Unfortunately, if someone leaves a cat on our property we may be forced to take them to Animal Control.  We can’t compromise the well being of our current residents by taking in more cats than we have resources and space.