There are many benefits of boarding your cat at The Cattery instead of leaving him/her at home with a large bowl of food and the toilet seat open while you’re away on vacation. The human benefit is you won’t hear that nagging voice in your head telling you the cat has eaten all of it’s food and has moved on to your shoes. Your cats will also enjoy a relaxing stay with the benefit of no barking dogs to make them nervous (since we are cat only), soothing music, plush bedding, cat pheromones to calm them and room service delivered twice daily.  Along with keeping your cat safe and happy, you can feel good because all profit benefits our shelter cats in giving them a nice place to live until they find their forever homes!

Our kitty condos are two stories with a separate area for the litter box.

1 condo accommodates:

1 Adult Cat or kitten:  $15/day
2 Adult Cats or kitten: $20/day
3 kittens 6 months or younger: $25day

Extra charges could be incurred for special needs cats (ie medicine or trips to vet).  Please call us for more details or to book your reservation!  854-MEOW (6369), option 4.

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