Spay it Forward!

By making a tax deductible donation to our MASH Spay/Neuter clinic you are providing assistance in reducing the pet overpopulation!

Donate any amount towards our spay/neuter clinic!

The Cattery Mash Spay/Neuter works hard to keep costs as low as possible so we can provide a low cost, high quality service to the public.  Help us continue provide our low cost services by donating today!

Provide a $10 surgery for a feral cat!

There are feral cat care takers all of the city that spend their time, money and effort to trap our feline friends and get them spayed or neutered.  These are the people that are out on the front lines in the early morning and are spending their own money without any assistance to make our feral friends healthier, better neighbors and to keep them from reproducing.

By donating towards our feral cat fund, you will not only help the feral cat and future generations, but the people that are their caretakers!  A $35 donation provides a $10 surgery to the caretaker which includes the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, microchip, ear tipping and flea treatment!

Provide a $10 spay/neuter surgery for low income families!

A donation of $30 allows The Cattery to reduce our already low surgery fees to just $10 for those that financially qualify!  This includes the spay/neuter surgery and a Rabies vaccine.