Virtu Adoption

Many people can’t have a pet for whatever reason:  allergies, landlord doesn’t allow them, not enough time, or already have a house full!  Now you can have a virtual pet!  We will post pictures and bios of cats in our Virtu-Adoption program - animals we feel, based on age, illness or temperment, that have a small chance of being adopted.  Our shelter is a permanent home for these cats and they need your help!  For a donation of $15 or more per month, you will receive pictures and stories about your cat through email on a monthly basis.  If your cat is adopted you can pick another cat in the program!


Virtu Adoption Cat VirginiaVirginia may be the sweetest kitten in the world.  Unfortunately she was born with one back leg paralyzed, the other partially paralyzed and incontinent.  The paralyzed leg was causing her issues and had to be amputated.  She gets around just fine and even climbs the cat trees (and humans) just like all of the other kittens.  But because of her incontinence she is going to be a very high maintenance kitty for the rest of her life.  For Virginia a typical morning includes getting a bath, diapered, dressed and then back in the kitten room for a day of fun with her kitten friends. Virginia has to wear clothes to keep her diaper on - otherwise it would fall right off her since she doesn’t have two legs to keep it on.  Wonderful volunteers have made and altered outfits for Virginia to wear.  Before we leave for the night, Virginia is given another bath and put in her crib (a cage in the kitten room) because wearing a diaper 24/7 would give her horrible diaper rash.  She has to be monitored to make sure she isn’t getting diaper rash and is prone to urinary tract infections.  Because this would be a big commitment for any adopter, Virginia will probably spend the rest of her life at The Cattery.  Your monthly donation helps us afford diapers, clothing and a nice home for this sweet little girl that doesn’t even understand she is different!

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Virtu Adoption Cat SunshineSunshine was hit by a car when she was just a little baby and taken to Oso Creek Animal Hospital.  She spent several weeks recovering from her injuries there before she came to stay with us. Sunshine has been very shy since her accident and has a low tolerance for human attention.  Even though she’s a beautiful kitty, we fear her grumpiness will make her a long time resident of The Cattery.  Your donation helps maintain a healthy, happy, home-like environment for Sunshine if The Cattery is, in fact, her forever home.

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Virtu Adoption Cat Cassie Cassie came to the shelter as a feral kitten with her mom and sister.  Her family has been adopted, but Cassie never learned to trust us or want human attention like they did.  She is a gorgeous girl and loves the other cats, but has no interest in becoming close to any people.  Because of this we think our shelter willbe her permanent home and we’ve placed her in the Virtu-Adoption program.  Please help us give her a good home here at the shelter by becoming a monthly sponsor!

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sample cat osoOso is a shy Tabby boythat was turned in to our Vet, Oso Creek Animal Hospital as a feral cat.  He is still semi-feral, and doesn’t like to be approached by people he doesn’t know (and sometimes by people he does know!), one you start giving him a good chin rub he is all purrs and kitty kisses!  Recently he has needed major dental work completed and a special diet.  Because of his temperment, Oso has been placed in our Virtu-Adoption program.

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Virtu Adoption Cat MarthaMartha is an older cat that showed up at a lady’s house one day.  The lady feared she belonged to a neighbor that passed away and his children let her out because they didn’t want her.  She was definitely not a stray!!  They brought her to us in hopes of finding her a good home.  Martha is very sweet, but a bit shy.  Her first couple of days here she hid under her blanket!!  She is now walking around the shelter like she owns the place and loves to talk to everyone!  Because she’s a bit shy to new people and old and set in her ways, Marth is part of our Virtu-Adoption Program.

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