What does your donation fund?

We understand that it’s important for donors to know exactly how their donation is being used.  We have about 100 cats at our shelter on a daily basis - taking care of them properly requires help from our community!  Below is a list of how your donation benefits the cats and kittens of The Cattery:

$15 Buys 100 Pounds of Litter!

The Cattery uses 800lbs of litter each week! Just $15 will provide 100lbs of litter!!

$20 Neuters a Male Cat!

One male cat can impregnate multiple females. Helping us with the cost of neutering just 1 male cat will prevent hundreds of unwanted births!

$30 Spays a Female Cat!

Female cats can have as many as 3 litters per year at 3-4 cats each year. By the end of the year, the first litter will be ready to have babies of their own. Spaying just one female prevents births of unwanted cats that end up living a bad life on the streets or in overcrowded shelters!

$50 Helps us with our Electric Bill!

The Cattery is home to more than 100 cats at any given time! That’s a lot of AC/Heat, dish washing, laundry, etc that makes our electric bill very high!

$75 Helps us Medicate and Microchip!

Every cat that is adopted from our shelter is Microchiped and treated for internal and external parasites! If a beloved pet is ever lost, a microchip makes the chances greater that the cat will be returned! Treating cats for parasites makes them healthier, happier and more adoptable! For $75 we can microchip and medicate 8 cats!

$100 Helps us with FIV/FeLV Testing!

Also, every cat that is adopted from our shelter has tested negative for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia, two of the worst kitty diseases.  Because we are cage-free, testing for these diseases is imperative to make sure they are not spread through our population.  For $100 we can test 8 cats and ensure that adopters don’t have to deal with the heart breaking effects of these diseases.