We get a lot of questions about cats here at The Cattery.  We have been meaning to find the time to document our wealth of knowledge on the subject, but have never been able to find the time.  Luckily, we came across all of these documents on the website of The Dumb Friends League in Colorado, and have put them here (with their consent) as a Resource for all of you.  Never hesitate to call or email us with questions, but below you’ll find a lot of good information.  In addition, we have put up a Pet Friendly Apartment Guide for Corpus Christi, with their current pet deposit requirements. 

Rehoming a pet or neighborhood stray

Caring for Orphaned Kittens

Pet Friendly Apartment Complexes in Corpus Christi

Cats: Indoor vs. Outdoor

Children and Cats: Important Information for Parents

Feline Social Behavior Between Family Cats

Introducing Your New Cat to Other Pets

Aversives for Cats
Advice on keeping your cat from doing things you don’t want him/her to do!

Managing Your Kitten’s Rough Play

Understanding Cat Agression Towards People

Play With Your Cat!

Cat Toys and How to Use Them

Litter Box Problem Prevention

Solving Litter Box Problems
In addition to the info in this article, after medical reasons have been ruled out, we recommend Cat Attract Litter Additive and/or Feliway. (call us for more details)

Territorial Marking Behavior in Dogs and Cats

Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors and Stains

Destructive Scratching in Cats

Your Talkative Cat

Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs and Cats