Volunteer Information

The Cattery will be offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities! Do you love cats, but you’re allergic? Volunteer in our gift shop! Do you want to volunteer, but don’t have time to come to the shelter? Help us add pictures of new cats to our website from home! The possibilities are endless!

Hours available for volunteering at the shelter are as follows:  Monday and Tuesday, 9-12pm Wednesday and Thursday, 9-12pm and 3-5pm and Friday - Sunday 9am-5pm Adult volunteers can work any amount of time during these hours.  Youth Volunteers are limited to 3 hours per day.

We are also at Petsmart 11am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday and need volunteers there as well.

Our shelter has limited staff and the amount of work that needs to be done to keep the shelter running exceeds the amount of employees that we have!  Especially since we do adoptions at two locations!  We rely heavily on our volunteers and ask for only serious commitments, therefore we ask for a minimum of 6 hours of your time each month.  It might be hard work, but your reward is helping homeless kitties find new homes!  During your volunteer shift at the shelter 1/2 your time will be spent working (cleaning or other shelter things that need to be done) and the other 1/2 will be spent playing with kitties!

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Feed and Clean:

We will need volunteers to clean floors, cat trees, litter boxes and other general cleaning. Volunteers will distribute food and water to the cats.


Specially trained volunteers will administer daily medications as needed.


Help with publications and maintaining the web site.


Work with the public to place cats in nurturing homes.


Help with various planned fund raisers throughout the year. Or come up with your own! All ideas are appreciated! Volunteers can also help with grant writing and corporate sponsorships.

Gift Shop:

Volunteers can help shoppers select the perfect gift, tag and put out new merchandise, and other store related activities.

Foster Care:

  House kitties that are either too young to be in the shelter (bottle babies or mama and kittens) or that need medical attention. 


We plan to help the city with their Trap, Neuter, Release program soon and will need volunteers to help with this project.